Being a hermit

I moved to Catterick and never felt so lonely everyone seems to keep themselves to themselves, which I do too but it would be nice to make one friend. I feel like a hermit,I try to get out and about with my daughter because it’s just not fair on her being copped up everyday and also I need to tired her out lol 😂. I don’t know what to do! 



My husband and I have this understanding, our daughter goes to bed at 7, we watch programs together till about 9,then he’ll play the PS4. I’ll go to bed (play on my phone 📱, read a book 📚 or watch tv 📺) and that works out fine I’d sooner go to bed early and get up early and he’s sooner so the opposite. The thing that pisses me off the most about it is that while I try to sleep I have to listen to him talk to his best friend on his stupid head set. SHUT UP 🤐!!!!!!!!!! It annoys me more that anything else right now! Every night I go downstairs and tell him to shut the fuck up and guess what he does? He doesn’t shut up though does he. Oh and if our daughter wakes up I go into her because he’s too noisy to hear her. Swear to God I will gag him noisy twat!

Rant over 


Carillion Amey

We moved out of our house, paid for a walk away scheme because we didn’t have time to clean, made sure my husband painted everywhere properly so the next people into it didn’t move to a shit hole … but we move into our new house that isn’t cleaned to the standard you would expect and the painting is shocking. If I’d have known it was going to be awful I would have made my husband just go in and paint the new house. 

Why should we as army spouses live in crap. We deal with husbands/ wives going away all the time, we are practically single parents for long periods of time, and the majority of the time we’re secluded from our family. We may ‘choose’ this life but we didn’t choose to live in inhabitable house did we? 


My life

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted but here we go …

Since my last post …

My daughter started walking and got an attitude problem

My husband got promoted and we moved away from the home I was comfortable in to a new place where I needed to start all over again but not to far away from my  hometown 

But this house is practically falling apart