Juggling a job/childcare

looking at nursery for my daughter and realising you cant physically afford it and then i want go to work  but the hours don’t match what i need. What are people meant to do, i cant rely on the husband as he does duties and goes away a lot. How do people do it i mean really, were going to use childcare vouchers but were still going to be 200 pound less off a month and shes only going 2 mornings a week. I know she will get funding when she is 3 but i want to get her socialising beforehand. What are parents meant to do!


Husband has heartburn

so basically he has heartburn, you would think he is in labour the way he is carrying on. I told him to go out and get something else as the tablets hes got haven’t helped. So here we are at 9pm googling herbal remedies for his heart burn and him whinging because he wont sleep tonight because of it. well its not my fault hes been eating lots of cheese with pickled onions in, and cheese with garlic, jalapenos bread and olives. What does he expect, seriously, hes eaten tonnes of crap and now he has heart burn! Help! All i want to do is drink my tea (the one a day I can have because of a detox we’re on (thats another blog to be told) and watch peter kays car share) but instead i’m making sure my 25 year old husband is not in too much pain. MAN IT UP YOUR IN THE ARMY! you defuse bombs for a living and heart burn is killing you! I love my husband don’t get me wrong but its not labour it will be gone tomorrow!

Apologise for the bracket within a bracket i just got excited about my detox lol!


I just like everything to be neat

My house might not be the tidiest but i know where everything belongs, but when the husband comes back it looks like a bomb has hit it. I ask him to put things away and he says ‘later’ later when, when I have tripped over something, when our daughter starts playing things she shouldn’t be, when the world ends, is it tom much for a time line i mean its not too much to ask for. You would thing i asked for the world.  I am not a neat freak i just like tidiness, my laptop has finger prints on because of the husband and not the child. He is a nightmare!


Big bed for my big girl


Anyone who has ever tried to get their child from the cot to bed my hat goes off to you. I mean seriously, tonight we have had:

  1. all the toys thrown out of the bedroom over the gate
  2. all her toys thrown over the bedroom
  3. in the cupbaord taking all her baby toys out
  4. crying
  5. screaming
  6. shouting for mummy
  7. swapping dummies
  8. trying to break her cot

and then finally, over an hour later she took herself off to her bed and finally fell asleep.

Life was so much simpler when she was in her cot, drinking milk and sleeping all the time.

Why do babies grow up, people say its hard when they are babies but it just gets harder as they grow up and hit terrible twos


Time off (kill me now)

My darling husband, who may I mention hasn’t been here properly for ages, has a week off. Oh maybe he will help with the child, take the dog for a walk, let me have a lie in or at least make a brew, but what do i get ‘oh no i’m on holiday, i work hard i deserve time off.’ Are you fucking kidding me seriously when do i get a day off, the only time i get some time to myself is when i have a shower and that is only a quick one at that! I understand i chose to be a mum but he chose to join the army and be a father. I really just want to be able to curl up in bed or on the sofa with a brew and read a book.



Army wife 101

First off I won’t tell people how to be an army wife, because there is no correct way to be an army wife. There are many types of army wife’s

1. Eat, sleep and breath Army 

These wives will be involved in anything army, they probably also wear there husbands rank! ‘Salute me, my husband is an officer!’ Yes love he maybe an officer but your just a stuck up wife who needs a life!

2. Obsessed with rank wife

Never happened to me personally but has happened to others, you meet someone and the first thing they ask ‘what rank is your husband’ ‘oh yes and my name is Rachael nice to meet you.’ Ask my name first you idiot!

3. The gossip wife

she knows everything there is to know about the pad estate your on, she might also act superior to people she gossips about ‘I would never do that’ she might as well call everyone else chavs and be done with it.

4. The ‘I have my own life’ wife

‘oh I go to work at __________ I’m hardly ever home,’ this type of wife may go to functions with her husband if she has time with her hectic schedule. Also can’t really be friends with them because there too busy with there hectic work life

5. The hermit 

This wife exists but are never seen because they only leave the house to do the food shopping and pick the kids up from school (if they have kids) . They will smile at people they see but not exchange in conversation too much.

6. ‘I hate the army’

This wife likes to moan about everything to do with the army and their husbands life but god forbid you ask them why they stay, sorry Susan I didn’t know you thought there were benefits all you do is fucking moan.

7. Perfect army wife

The stepford army wives (the robots) the ones that juggle parenthood, being the perfect wife, also works full tim, has an amazing social life and looks immaculate throughout. God I hate these wives. No one should be that perfect.