Army wife 101

First off I won’t tell people how to be an army wife, because there is no correct way to be an army wife. There are many types of army wife’s

1. Eat, sleep and breath Army 

These wives will be involved in anything army, they probably also wear there husbands rank! ‘Salute me, my husband is an officer!’ Yes love he maybe an officer but your just a stuck up wife who needs a life!

2. Obsessed with rank wife

Never happened to me personally but has happened to others, you meet someone and the first thing they ask ‘what rank is your husband’ ‘oh yes and my name is Rachael nice to meet you.’ Ask my name first you idiot!

3. The gossip wife

she knows everything there is to know about the pad estate your on, she might also act superior to people she gossips about ‘I would never do that’ she might as well call everyone else chavs and be done with it.

4. The ‘I have my own life’ wife

‘oh I go to work at __________ I’m hardly ever home,’ this type of wife may go to functions with her husband if she has time with her hectic schedule. Also can’t really be friends with them because there too busy with there hectic work life

5. The hermit 

This wife exists but are never seen because they only leave the house to do the food shopping and pick the kids up from school (if they have kids) . They will smile at people they see but not exchange in conversation too much.

6. ‘I hate the army’

This wife likes to moan about everything to do with the army and their husbands life but god forbid you ask them why they stay, sorry Susan I didn’t know you thought there were benefits all you do is fucking moan.

7. Perfect army wife

The stepford army wives (the robots) the ones that juggle parenthood, being the perfect wife, also works full tim, has an amazing social life and looks immaculate throughout. God I hate these wives. No one should be that perfect.





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