Husband has heartburn

so basically he has heartburn, you would think he is in labour the way he is carrying on. I told him to go out and get something else as the tablets hes got haven’t helped. So here we are at 9pm googling herbal remedies for his heart burn and him whinging because he wont sleep tonight because of it. well its not my fault hes been eating lots of cheese with pickled onions in, and cheese with garlic, jalapenos bread and olives. What does he expect, seriously, hes eaten tonnes of crap and now he has heart burn! Help! All i want to do is drink my tea (the one a day I can have because of a detox we’re on (thats another blog to be told) and watch peter kays car share) but instead i’m making sure my 25 year old husband is not in too much pain. MAN IT UP YOUR IN THE ARMY! you defuse bombs for a living and heart burn is killing you! I love my husband don’t get me wrong but its not labour it will be gone tomorrow!

Apologise for the bracket within a bracket i just got excited about my detox lol!